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Conditions of Entry

Polaris 4WD Park conditions of entry



The driver of the vehicle must hold a class 1 or 1R New Zealand Drivers licence and drive under the licence conditions.

The vehicles head lights must be on at all times in the forest.

NO smoking in the forest

Alcohol is prohibited, No alcohol is to be consumed or taken into the park

NO fires in the forest

No firearm to be carried in the vehicle

Vehicle must have a current WOF and registration

Vehicle owner or driver must be aware that insurance companies may not cover their vehicles for this type of activity.

No animals, pets, dogs in a vehicle or on foot to be taken into the forest at any time.

Driver and passengers must wear safety belts at all times.

Drivers must not deviate from designated route.

All cargo must be safely strapped down in vehicle.

The possibility for changeable trail conditions exists at all times due to weather, forestry debris (including protruding branches, pine cones and stumps) and terrain erosion; these factors effect the driveability and participants are advised to be aware of changeable conditions

Participants should be aware of other vehicles at all times and be informed that inexperienced and advanced drivers may appear without warning.

Speed limit in park is not to exceed 40kph and in most cases drivers will be required to drive slower to match the conditions.

Vehicles must stay within the 4WD Park boundary and only cross forestry roads at the designated crossings. The occupants of any vehicle found outside the 4WD park boundary will be asked to leave the park immediately.

Drivers must follow the one way trail system at all times and not attempt to drive trails the wrong way.



Please note for the safety of all park users ALCOHOL is not permitted to be taken in or consumed in the park.