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Frequently Asked Questions About Bringing Your 4×4 Drive (4WD or side by side) Out To Woodhill Forest


Q: Why Would I Bring My 4WD Car / side by side / Vehicle (And My Family) Out To The Woodhill Forest?
  • Stunning forest venue, sand based, eco-friendly, close to Auckland
  • Forest better than farmland
  • All year use due to sand base
  • Close to home (Aucklanders)


Q: How Much Does It Cost To Have Lots Of Extreme Fun At the Polaris 4WD park For My Family & I (And My 4×4)?

Very competitive cost of only $60.00 for the entire day (Saturday or Sunday 9am til 4pm).
Cost, ability to run special events
Night time events, safari events

Q: Is My Vehicle Insured While I Am Having Extreme Fun At the Polaris 4WD park With My Family This Weekend / Weekday?

You may need to check with your insurance provider to see if your vehicle is insured for driving off road.


Q: Can I Come Out To Your Polaris 4WD park At Night Time? E.g. An Auckland ‘Night Time’ Type Adventure?

Yes. These are organised in advance by the management team at Polaris 4WD park. Please sign up to ‘The Mud Club’ to be advised when the next Night Safari is going to be held.


Q: Can I Do A 4WD Driver Training Course At Polaris 4WD park In Auckland?

Yes – Contact Roger on 0275355770.

Bookings are essential. Phone Roger Winslade right now on 0275355770

Q: What Makes The Polaris 4WD Park At Woodhill Forest Any Different Than Others In The North Island?
  • We make every effort to make tracks as non scratch as posable to vehicles
  • Tracks built for standard factory 4WD vehicles
  • Fixed Entry Price
  • 4WD training available
  • Just 20 minutes from Auckland central
  • Family picnic areas, corporate area and events
  • Night events

Q: I Don’t Own A Polaris - Can I Still Come Out To Your Park?
Absolutely! Polaris is the primary sponsor for this Polaris 4WD park and because of this, their name is proudly displayed. Of course Polaris would love you to purchase a Polaris 4WD. Click here to check out Polaris

Q: Are The Tracks And Trails Safe?
All of the tracks and trails are ‘one way’ so you don’t meet another vehicle coming the other way :-)
Tree stumps and branches have been removed to make the tracks and trails as scratch free as possible for your vehicle.


Q. How Will I Know If A Track Or Trail Is Suited For My Experience Level?
All Tracks and trails are graded as a guide for vehicle and driver ability, it is up to you to judge and access your abilities when driving off road.

Q. Can I Get Lost In Woodhill Forest?

A. Tracks and trails are sign posted with directional arrows using different colours for different trails, you will be given a map of the trails as a guide before you start your adventure.

Q. What Happens If I My 4×4 Gets Stuck?
Polaris 4WD park accepts that vehicles will become stuck at times and will assist accordingly.

Q: Can I Get Out Of My Vehicle On The Tracks?
Obviously if you get stuck you will need to get out… otherwise, we have provided pull-over area, spots to stop and take in the scenery/view etc. You shouldn’t be in a hurry. You have a full day’s pass – take your time and enjoy the experience!

Q: Once I Have Gone Around A Track, Can I Do It Again?
Absolutely YES! This is one of the big differences between the Polaris 4WD park and all other 4×4 parks we are aware of. Once you have completed a course, you are more than welcome to do it again and again and again as much as you like… Your vehicle has a whole day pass – so enjoy the track(s), stop for lunch, then do that track again, or pick another.

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